Distance Masters: how to do?

Are you thinking of continuing your studies and doing a postgraduate degree? Have you thought about taking a distance master’s degree recognized by the MEC? That’s right, the master’s degree that currently in USA is divided into professional and academic can be found in the distance mode.

Taught by means of learning platforms, the distance masters courses that are allowed in USA are under the responsibility of Capes (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level Personnel) and must be recognized by the MEC.

In this post, we will explain what this masters mode is, why people look for and how it can be done. Check out our tips and see the advantages of choosing a distance master’s degree recognized by MEC.

What is the distance masters recognized by the MEC?

The distance master’s degree is a stricto sensu course, with an average duration of 2 years, and through it, the master’s degree can expand its research within a thematic. The student can choose between an academic or professional master’s degree and can take his classes through learning platforms.

In the professional master’s degree the core is in the development of techniques aimed at professional qualification, while the academic master’s degree is essentially teaching. However, as both focus on research, the exercise of teaching is valid in both.

As well as courses called semi-resourses, this type of masters can also have a number of meetings that should happen at the poles, usually they happen for the application of tests or ministração of classes that need this particularity.

Why do people choose to do masters at a distance?

Regardless of professional or academic, the distance masters is a modality chosen by people who are already inserted in the job market or acting in the school environment. Many people need to start working as soon as they graduate and make a post just getting in the plans.

With the distance masters recognized by the MEC, the chances of these professionals getting to take the course and increase their career prospects increase. For example, a public school teacher in USA with a master’s degree, besides earning a bonus for specialization, can look for classes in higher education.

The option for distance mode usually happens because one does not have to move several days a week to college, leaving more time for other activities and space to maintain a healthy social and physical life.

How can distance masters be done?

Like the face-to-face courses, the distance masters have compulsory and optional subjects. Also, there is the requirement for a course completion job that is usually a dissertation. As we have seen, online platforms are the main instrument of study of master’s degrees and face-to-face meetings happen only when much needed.

It is important to always be attentive to distance masters offers, as specializations such as MBA can be presented as masters. Therefore, always be aware of the recommendation of Capes.

Distance Masters Accredited by CAPES

For you to choose a good masters course at a distance, the first criterion is the area of ​​concentration, it is no use to be trained in nursing and to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. Identify your tastes, your needs and your possibilities, finally choose the area in which you intend to act if you follow the academic career.

After deciding which Master’s degree to take, look for those who are Recognized by the MEC and are well-respected by Capes. Talk to current and former students, meet the faculty, check if the platform is really accessible and see if you can attend the possible face-to-face meetings.

Who authorizes, recognizes the evaluates graduate programs stricto sensu presencial and the distance is the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level (Capes). For the Open University of USA, there are the following courses:

  1. National Professional Master’s Degree in Physics Teaching – MNPEF (ProFis)
  2. Professional Master’s Degree in Letters (Profletras)
  3. Public Administration (ProfiAP)
  4. Teaching History (ProfHistory)
  5. Professional Master’s Degree in Mathematics in National Network (Profmat)
  6. Professional Master’s Degree in National Network in Arts (ProfArtes)
  7. Professional Master’s Degree in National Network in Water Resource Management and Regulation

What is required to pass a distance masters degree recognized by the MEC?

To enter a distance masters degree, as in the face-to-face mode, foreign language proficiency is a basic requirement. In most exams in USA, considerable marks are taken on proficiency tests in English or tests are applied during the selection process.

English is the most required language among masters in USA, regardless of the modality. With the advent of the Internet, the English language has become a basic requirement in all professional areas and therefore, the demand for knowledge of the language is also reflected in the academic environment.

The most advanced academic researches, in most areas, have their articles and productions written in English, thus requiring the students to read and understand them. In addition to English and specific area tests, selective processes may require an interview, Lattes curriculum, research projects, among other specific requirements, varying with each institution.

Making a master’s degree in distance is the best option for those who want to pursue an academic career and need to work, not having to move to cities that have good courses. The option of taking the course through the internet makes life very easy for those who want to open their horizons.

Finally, both the academic and professional EAD masters confer the title of master at the conclusion of the course. And he can work teaching in higher education, competing for vacancies in companies that require degrees and participating in doctoral selection.