5 applications to better organize your studies

Our daily lives got more comfortable after some technological inventions. For example: have you ever imagined our life without the internet or even the refrigerator? It would be rather complicated, would not it? Education has also gained great benefits with applications for study. write an essay for me

They are very useful and can be used on almost any device. Want to know some? Follow this text and learn about 5 applications you should use to increase productivity in your studies. Check out!

5 applications for studies you need to know. The last one is the best of all

  1. MyStudyLife

This application will help you plan your study routine. At MyStudyLife you can register jobs, proofs and appointments to be accessed on the day and time that you think is best.

It saves all the information in the cloud, not consuming the memory of your device and making you get access from anywhere. The app is free and can be found on Google Play.

  1. ExamTime

Have you thought about creating a mental map of the instrumental English model that you need to learn? So, you should use the ExamTime application.

In addition to mind maps, it allows you to create quizzes, notes, lesson plans, and flash cards. It is free and works on all platforms. So do not waste time and install on your mobile phone, computer or tablet to be more successful in studies!

  1. Evernote

Do you sometimes feel lost with the notes of your studies? Try the Evernote application to organize them the way you want. What’s more, you can share your favorite files with your friends. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

  1. HabitBull

Do you have some study habits that need to be left behind? So grab the HabitBull app. It allows you to set reminders for each habit you want to have and displays them at a time and on a day that you find most convenient.

For example, it may remind you to study instrumental English for the master’s degree. The app makes you trained to follow good habits. The tool can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

  1. Pomodoro Challenge

Did you know that you need to take occasional breaks during your studies? It is what prizes the famous Pomodoro technique, which now has an application to help you manage your time better.

In the application you record the time you started your studies and after a certain time it warns you that it is time for a break. Even this deadline is calculated by the application itself. Liked? You can download the Pomodoro Challenge for free on Google Play.

These were some study apps you should use. Are you currently preparing for the master’s degree and want to pass the English proficiency test? So, choose an application that stores previous tests of this type of exam. That way, you will train more and have higher chances of being approved!

  1. Bonus Tip – 12 minutes

This month I’ve known the best of all the apps I’ve tried so far, the 12 minutes.

I have many fantastic books recommended by friends on my shelf that I want to read, but I have not had time yet, because the hours are not enough in my routine.

The 12 minutes have been the solution to my problem. It has more than 200 microbooks and is added between 12 to 15 new ones per month with the most important and interesting ideas of each book that I can consume in less than 12 minutes each. He has introduced me to content I did not even think I could like, and also made my learning easier. It has microbooks from diverse areas, from health and psychology to business and entrepreneurship. I’m discovering things I did not even know I liked!

Microbooks are available in both text and audio. I’m consuming the contents in the car, during the morning walk, at home, or even between classes.